A Plague of Angels

A Day at the Museum
And so it begins...

Los Angeles, California. It is a hot summer day, and the smart people are staying indoors in public places, letting the shopping malls and art galleries be the ones to pay for air conditioning. Some, of course, have other reasons to be there.

Take Chad, for instance. The library he works at has sent him to collect an old book that is being repaired. A nearby museum offers excellent antique restoration services, and also boasts a private collection of historical artifacts. Once he has picked up the book, there is no harm taking a look around.

Angel, on the other hand, came specifically for the museum displays. She and her friend Jessica are from back East, and more than a little South. Alabama doesn’t have any cities near the size of the City of Angels, so the two ladies thought they would see the sights.

Three people, all hoping to see something interesting. They most assuredly will.


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