Mysterious museum caretaker


“I admit to seeing some weird stuff in my time, but you guys are like a freak magnet.”

Bernie seems to be a genial old man who spends his days repairing antiques and maintaining a private museum at the edge of Hollywood. However, Second Sight reveals an odd glow about him that suggests he is not quite human, and strange coincidences follow the man.

After meeting Billy and healing the ooze-covered Jason, an altercation occurred. Billy insisted that Bernie was some sort of rogue scientist, and was responsible for the W.E.L.s that had been found off the coast. Bernie denied the accusations, suggesting that Billy was being duped by Ethos. When Bernie determined that Ethos was sending a capture team, he moved to escape, and Billy tried to shoot him.

Bernie had the other Hunters carry the museum’s exhibits out to the street, while he packed up his belongings. He gave his computer to Aerik, with instructions to hold onto it until Bernie returned. Less than ten minutes later, he told everyone to get outside, drove off into the night, and his museum erupted into flames behind him.

Bernie’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he has promised to find Aerik in the future, in order to reclaim his computer.


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