Billy Lee Black

Soldier of the Faith in the employee of the Ethos Church


Billy Lee Black, Etone of the Church of Ethos – the protectors of mankind and benefactors of progress. The story of this devoted agent do not begin with he alone, no, his father Jessiah Black.

Lost now in the shades of yesterday it was known that Jessiah was a great agent and asset of some great society. Yet he was not there when the WEL’s killed his wife, Racquel. No, he was not there to save his children from the same fate and to console them from their sorrows. No, he was never there when anyone important to him that needed him.

Ethos was always there. Their Etones were there to save the children from certain doom. The church was there to provide for the children left abandoned. They were even there when the children felt alone and unloved, in fatherly figure of Bishop Stone. This is why Billy took the path he did, why he is who he is today. One of the foremost Etones in the North American Branch of the Ethos Church. Slayer of countless WEL’s and pilot of the Sagittarian, one of the very few working Gears that the Ethos Church commands.

Recently Billy has been entrusted with overseeing external affairs of the Ethos society, Bishop Stone’s trust in the ‘boy’ being what it is. He has recently been tasked with overseeing a investigation of the Thames, primary excavation site for artifacts of the Zeboim Civilization within the North American sector. Those he is working with perplex him, they can see things that he can only see with the sensors aboard the Sagittarian and employ potent abilities despite a lack of training that only the Church of Ethos can provide. They also seem to doubt his ‘family’, particularly the one known as Mr. Blade…he even casts doubts on the one Billy thinks of as father. Still it would be troublesome for the operation if his operatives began to work against him…

Billy Lee Black

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