Jason Nesbit

The Sewer King's owner


Jason Nesbit once owned a turtle named Shell Silverstein, a turtle which was flushed down the toilet somewhere around ten to fifteen years ago. The turtle grew up to become the Sewer King. Jason went on to drop out of pre-Law and join a neo-primitive commune outside of Bakersfield. And then the Hunters came, ran over three of his friends, and kidnapped him.

He had something of a mental breakdown when he was reunited with Shell, and has developed a questionably strong emotional attachment to the giant reptile. He also developed a severe case of “Oh God this Ooze is killing me!” disease, which was cured at the last minute through some of Bernie’s mumbo-jumbo.

He was taken into custody by Billy and the Church of Ethos. Despite this, Billy has seen prophetic visions suggesting Jason is in imminent danger, but has not been able to determine why.

Jason Nesbit

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