Agents Johnson and Johnson

Agents from an unnamed government agency.


Agents Johnson and Johnson (no relation) are an odd pair, separately assigned (presumably by different agencies) to investigate the origins of Magadon Pharmaceuticals’ mutagenic ooze.

Agent Johnson (the younger, mid-thirties) supposedly works industrial and corporate espionage, and seems to know his way around electronic security, even if his ability with smartphones and guns seems to be lacking. He has a good sense of humor, but periodically says rather tactless things about the civilians he deals with. He has a definite “softness” to him that implies a career spent in quiet offices, sometimes even for his own organization.

Agent Johnson (the elder, in his fifties, at least) has the marks of a hard-ass infiltrator, clearly comfortable with the wet-work end of the secret agent business. He puts on a no-nonsense air, and dislikes unnecessary chit-chat, but gives grudging respect to the genuinely skilled. He periodically references his time in Vietnam, though he does not appear old enough to have been there during the war.

Agents Johnson and Johnson

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