Ren-ai's mother




Kage is Ren-ai’s mother. She was sired by Shyro of the Nightmares, a Malkavian vampire. Due to the odd insanity of Malkavians, Kage was able to bear the child of a human, Japanese man named Shouji. Upon seeing that some of Kage’s own vampiric similarities (eye color, mostly), she feared the child would gain powers. In fear of tainting her only child, she left the child in her father’s hands.

Kage returned to Japan many years later, only to find that her mortal love was killed by someone who broke into the house. The burgler also killed Shouji’s young son. Her daughter was no where to be found. It wasn’t until Kage visited the United States that she learned what happened to her daughter.

Kage has been alive for a very long time, and has accrued many houses all around the room, including Tokyo


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