Redford Blade

A young Inquisitor who may be in over his head.


Full File from Society of Leopold Records [Note, may be out of date.]

Name: Redford Blade

Nicknames/Aliases: Red [preferred diminutive]

Race: Hispanic/German

Nationality: United States of America

Appearance: Slight of build (prefers the phrase “fighter pilot’s physique,” possibly self-conscious), Redford has dark-brown hair and brown eyes. His tanned complexion allows him to pass for any number of races, from Mediterranean to Native American, though this is often more trouble than it is worth, as he is unable to speak any of those languages. He is of merely average appearance, an asset in this line of work, as it aids his attempts to fade into the background. His only real distinguishing marks come in the form of a childhood scar on his left eyebrow, and two tiny scar dots on the left side of his neck (these are only visible if someone examines him closely, and the scars are fading slowly).

Background: Born to Dolores and Herbert Blade, Redford was the first of two children. His younger sister, Kat, was born seven years later. Redford’s childhood was not exceptional, save in the fact that his parents were very devoted to their children, and the household was full of love and joy. (Then again, in the World of Darkness as well as our own, this is rather exceptional.) Thanks to his family, Redford’s emotional and moral development became a strong component of his intellectual evolution. Towards the end of Redford’s high school years, just after his Confirmation, the Army reassigned his father, and the family moved to San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio was a vibrant city, and many of Redford’s relations lived there.

Awakening: San Antonio is famous for its Riverwalk, which flows through downtown and is lined by shops, hotels, restaurants, and the occasional dance club. Redford would often visit the Riverwalk, wandering along it both during the day and at night, enjoying the beauty of the place and the energy of the crowds. On one such night, Redford was standing on a little-used footbridge when a striking young woman came over and looked out at the water with him. They struck up a conversation, but… Redford never mentions what they talked about, or what her name was. What is known is that he met up with her often after that, always at that same little bridge, and always after sunset. They would walk along the river, stop in various stores, and occasionally get a snack at restaurants. Later, he would realize she never ate anything, even if he bought it for her. When she eventually invited him to her hotel room (what sort of person lives in a hotel?) for dinner, Redford didn’t even give it a second thought. The meal was lit by candles, and the food was delicious. He felt full, content, perhaps a little giddy from the presence of this mysterious girl. She drew close to him, and revealed what she was. He thought she was joking, until he saw the fangs. He should have been afraid, should have been up and running, but he was a teenage boy. He stalled though, asking why she chose him, asking if it would hurt. She smiled, told him that she liked his company, liked him, and that he was special. She said that Redford smelled different, potent, that his blood was strong and full of flavor, so much so that she could tell even without having bitten him. She wanted a taste, not even enough to make him dizzy, and he would find that it would feel very, very good. To his surprise, it did feel good, intensely pleasurable. And then she began to drink his precious bodily fluids, and all he could think about was that he was dying (which wasn’t quite true, as she had no intention of wasting a renewable food source). He couldn’t speak, so he prayed, and God must have heard him. He felt righteous anger burn within him, there was a blast of light, and the vampire recoiled, her undead flesh hissing as if burned. She bolted out of the room, leaving Redford with two bleeding holes in his neck, and a powerful sense of relief. The next day, he went to find Father Holmes.

Special Education: Father Holmes was Redford’s friend and confessor, a Jesuit who often worked with the Catholic youth groups in San Antonio. Redford was still very confused as to whether the encounter could have been real, but he was certain that he had been tempted, and had nearly fallen into terrible sin. So he sought out someone who he felt might advise him, and told Father Holmes the whole story. To his surprise, the priest believed him, and told him that such creatures were far more prevalent than anyone realized. Redford was likely still in danger, as the vampire might seek vengeance, so Father Holmes offered the boy the chance to fight back, to become a member of a secret society that hunted the undead parasites. Though this offer might have seemed a dream-come-true to any other teenager, Redford was perceptive enough to recognize it as being akin to a delayed death sentence. Why would he trade the possible wrath of one monster for the certain wrath of many? Father Holmes did a remarkable job of convincing him. “Look at the world around you,” he said, “and tell me that this is what God or Man wanted. Much of this suffering comes from the work of ancient evils, creatures that have hunted us from before recorded history. Can you know this truth, yet not stand against those who would make Mankind, the pinnacle of God’s Creation, into the slaves of demons?” Redford felt a peculiar jolt when he heard the word “demon,” and knew then that his duty would be to stop such creatures. The next several years were spent in training, where Redford learned to fight with sword and pistol, with faith and fire, against creatures of the night. He learned the history of the Shadow Inquisition, heard the stories of its martyrs and its triumphs. He was educated in Catholic theology, and taught how faith was the greatest weapon and protection any inquisitor could ask for. It was also in this time that his supernatural abilities were discovered. He proved to be an eloquent and forceful exorcist, as if he had been born to command rebellious angels. He was given introductory training to the Holy Art, and has learned the first step of the Boni Spiritus path, allowing him to hold monsters at bay. Redford had also tried to once more wield the light of God, as he had done the night of his awakening. Though he could not find a way to strike out with it (he was not zealous enough at the time) like before, he did find that he could project his faith to reveal the presence of the supernatural, a power that was discovered when he was brought face-to-face with a captured bloodsucker in one of the Inquisition’s secret dungeons.

Current Whereabouts: Redford was assigned to the Downtown Los Angeles Cenacle (chapter-house for inquisitors) as a resident exorcist, due to the previous one having met an unfortunate demise a year earlier. The L.A. cenacle had been very nearly disbanded several decades earlier, when the inquisitors stationed there had nearly [This section has been censored by order of the Inquisitor-General]. Worse than that, however, was the fact that two of the inquisitors involved had then defected. The cenacle has been stigmatized ever since, and it is speculated that Redford’s assignment there was politically motivated. He has integrated nicely, and has made contact with independent hunters in the area, whom he often works alongside. There are, however, some suspicions as to the identity and nature of these independents, though they appear to be human, and not particularly corrupt.

Philosophy: Redford is young, and still rather new to the shadowy world of the Society. Though committed to rooting out monsters, he will occasionally miss his old life, especially his family, who believe that he is working for the Church in some charitable capacity. In addition, Redford’s views have been shaped by his mentor, Father Holmes, who is rumored to be one of the accursed Florentine heretics; that is, one who believes that not all supernatural creatures are damned, and that some might be saved from the fires of Hell. Whether or not Redford shares these beliefs remains to be seen.

Inquisitor-General’s Notes:

There is little to say. The boy is young, naive, and his mentor is still under observation after that last incident. My predecessor, God rest his soul, allowed his compassion to lead him astray in many cases, and this boy is a clear example. Have him assigned to some disgraced cenaculum in the United States, and select a trustworthy inquisitor there to keep a close eye on him. Should he consort with the Enemy, they are to turn a blind eye, and then report his actions to us immediately. I will give him an opportunity to prove himself and my predecessor’s hopes for him, but if he fails, he may yet serve as bait.
-Ingrid Bauer, Inquisitor-General

Redford Blade

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