The Sewer King

A giant, mutated turtle that dwells beneath Culver City


The Sewer King is a massive and intelligent reptile, somewhere between 8 and 12 feet in height (the shadows of his domain, and the pants-wetting fear he engenders, made it difficult to be certain). He seems to be some sort of mutated turtle, covered in bony plates that evidence suggests can stop a shot from a magnum revolver. He lives in the sewers beneath Culver City, possibly trapped within that section by his enormous size.

He rules over the fungus-infested mutants of his domain, the Mushroom Men. He has persecuted them and instilled into them a prophecy: “The Hero in Red, who has fur upon his face, will dive into the tunnels without fear, and shall slay the turtle king.” This prophecy, the Hunters realized, is self-serving. The Sewer King is trying to re-create a video game.

The Hunters determined that the Sewer King’s only memories of his owner were of the owner playing Super Mario Brothers (or one of its sequels). He has structured his entire life around these barely-remembered scenes from before he gained self-awareness, in the hopes that his owner will return and claim him. He believes that his owner has become the “Hero in Red,” and that by kidnapping blonde woman like “the Princess,” he can summon his owner.

The Hunters played upon this belief by purchasing a mascot-style Mario costume from one of Angel’s otaku friends, and training a Mushroom Man to wear it and play the role. They hoped it would soothe the Sewer King, and prevent him from harming any more of the surface dwellers. And for several months, it did, but the kidnappings have begun again.

Further investigation revealed that the Sewer King was originally a turtle named Shell Silverstein, owned by a young man named Jason Nesbit. The turtle was flushed down the toilet between 10 and 15 years ago by a cruel bully from the next apartment over. The Hunters have gone to track down Jason, and convince him to reason with his rogue turtle.

After finding Jason in a neo-primitivist commune in Bakersfield, the Hunters ended up running over three hippies with their car and kidnapping Jason. They delivered him down into the sewers, where he was reunited with Shell. In gratitude, Shell released the Mushroom Men from their bondage. He then slathered himself in the rest of the mutagenic ooze and began to transform, but not before realizing that the ooze was making Jason sick.

He nearly tore his way out of the Sewers, but Aerik calmed him down, and promised they would return once Jason was healthy. However, while Aerik brought Jason, Billy brought Ethos agents. Aerik tried to buy Jason time to get to Shell, while Billy convinced Jason and Shell that the agents could get them to a safe place, where no one would bother them. Shell put his faith in Billy, and the giant turtle went along peacefully.

He was last seen entering an Ethos facility, where he will presumably be killed and experimented on, not necessarily in that order.

The Sewer King

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