Case Files - Magadon

Isaac’s Hunter-Net Post: Info on Magadon (LA branch)

Okay, I had another run-in with Magadon Security. I think I’m in the clear right now, but they’re on the look for other hunters. In my dealings with them, I’ve found four members:

“Anna” is the one who i’ve had the most contact with. She has a slavic face and heavy accent, wears shades most of the time, looks human, but I get a bad ‘vibe’ around her. SHe feels, surreal… Hasn’t been outwardly hostile and is the most amicable of them, but I wouldn’t test your luck if you see her. She’s often partnered with a bigger guy. I don’t have a name on him, and the only times i’ve heard him talk are threats on my life i believe are sincere. Don’t piss him off. I’ve only seen the other two once, but any info is good info: “Chief” seems to be the actual leader of the group, but that’s all i know about him. Seems mostly human, same as Anna and “Hulk”, but I doubt I can trust that any more than them. THe final, “Specter” is very frightening. Wore a hood the entire time I was around him, but he felt supernatural even when the others hid it. Paranoid, almost silent moving, and worryingly accurate with a knife; show extreme caution.

I have their cell number (—- - --) but it seems to be shared. Anyone who can trace and is interested in their actions can have at it.

Here’s the reason why I’m posting this: They’re after Hunters, specifically the ones involved in some kind of “Raid” on their warehouse. They mentioned having the number of one of them, a “stunt man”. If this is you, BURY YOUR PHONE. Be very careful around them. They mean business, and they mean to harm others. I got lucky, but it was clear i was a bad step away from being black-bagged. Also, they seem interested in one “Ophelia Salieri”. They have listed her as very dangerous, and mention that she has/will kill. She has the same “Unnatural” vibe I get around them, and I’m not sure what her intentions are. If anyone has any information on her past or recent encounters with her, please hit me up here.

Case Files - Magadon

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