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Incident Report – A listing of… “Incidents” the Hunters have been involved in.

Recent Hunter-Net Postings – The current discussions going on at Hunter-Net, the primary communication service for the Imbued.

Case Files – Magadon – A clearinghouse for information, clues, and leads on Magadon Pharmaceuticals and their illicit activities.

Encounter Report – Walking Dead – One of the most numerous paranormal entities the Hunters have encountered.

Encounter Report – Wizards – Speculated but not confirmed, Angel nonetheless insists they exist.

Encounter Report – Weaponized Engineered Lifeform – A type of monster known to be hunted by Ethos.

Encounter Report – Superheroes – The first threats that the Hunters discovered.

Encounter Report – Ghosts – Spectral spirits that plague the living, or just possess someone’s phone.

Encounter Report – Sewer Mutants?

Encounter Report – Secret Agents?

Kendra Police Records – Jinx’s police records from Nevada

Main Page

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