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From The Ashes, Again

Witness1 talking about the recent down-time, and further troubles with the Servers and the Messengers. He suspects a security update just went online, and laments that the Messengers don’t give him advance warning.

A Weird Computer We Found

Xenos314 posts that he and his group have come into the possession of a very strange computer tower, which belonged to an equally strange “acquaintance” of theirs. He describes extremely odd math problems, Tron references, and internet memes as part of its log-on security. The tower “Looks Weird,” but he hasn’t been able to crack the security yet.

Shepherd274 comments that her “bunch” found a computer belonging to a rot they had just slain, and when one of their more tech-savvy number accessed it, they found tons of disgusting images and videos. She insisted they destroy the machine then and there.

Ladder334 chimes in that was too hasty. They should have at least looked for account information or PIN numbers, so they could use the monster’s money to supplement their own.

Witness1 offers assistance in cracking the system, if there is a safe way to ship the machine, or to clone the HDD and send the data to him. He can provide safe links if needed.

Traveler72 mentions that he might be able to facilitate safe transport in the continental U.S., but would need to know the to-and-from locations.

Xenos314 follows up with a report that he and his group managed to crack a strange math puzzle and log into the computer, but found that it contains nothing incriminating. He also takes a moment to ask if anyone else has had experience with “suit-and-shades” types, and briefly relates the encounters with Magadon and a techno-church that believes in a lunar super-computer.

Oh for fuck’s sake! Magical computers, eeevil corporations, and a benevolent Moonie cult? There’s more pseudo-scientific, tree-hugging, “down with Big Pharma” crap in your story than a New Age bookstore. I get it, okay. Big government is scary, sure. Pharmaceutical companies and the way they do business leave a lot to be desired. Yes, they do illegal things. But this stuff you’re describing is so far beyond the pale that no sane, profit-oriented company would do it. If the government caught them, they’d be dragged out as an example and political tool to rein the other corporations in.

Jesus, Occam! Cut Xenos some slack. We’ve all seen crazy shit, and there’s no reason to assume that someone is posting this in bad faith, not yet. Anyway, I’ve been working a stint at a shipping company, and saw some Magadon product moving through. I remembered your post, Xenos, and found an excuse to check it out. Everything felt “clean” to me, or at least nothing seemed Wrong when I handled the medicines. I’m not in the U.S., so maybe it’s just your branch of the company?

SitRep #23, The Government

Soldier91 delivers the next in his SitRep series (No previous entries are available, due to the server troubles). He talks about the Messengers, and what they might think of government.

“I’ve said before that what the aliens want from us is proof that we can rise above our darker natures, proof that we can come together as a species. This is reflected in our mission, the destruction and defeat of the monsters we’ve created, and is reflected in our varying capabilities, approaches to the mission that are greater than the sum of their parts.”

“Governments, especially democracies, are an every-day attempt by Civilians to achieve that kind of synchronization and unity. From that perspective, I think that the aliens must be in favor of government. Hard to organize a trip across the stars under Anarchy, after all.”

“However, human beings are not perfect, and we have corrupted government just as we have corrupted our planet. This has allowed monsters to step in and turn an intended tool of cooperation into one more means of choking us into submission.”

“Please don’t take this the wrong way; I’m not suggesting we need to overthrow the government. Good people still serve in it at all levels, and some of them have been chosen by the aliens, just like us. I suspect one of them covered my tracks after that shoot-out in Nebraska, because in the panic of the retreat, we left too much evidence behind, but the papers suggested we hadn’t left any.”

“If we have warriors on the inside of the System, then we must be certain not to attack or expose them. They could well be the best weapons we have against the monsters in power.”

Help Request: Los Angeles, United States – Cemetary Investigation

Hollywood220 is asking for anyone in the Los Angeles area to help them investigate a cemetary desecration out in Pasadena. Strange markings carved into the area, graves disturbed, corpses missing. She specifically wants someone who won’t shoot first and ask questions later; she isn’t looking for a fight, just answers.

Quick update to let everyone know the situation. Ended up meeting another one of us who doesn’t have net access, and we went to the cemetery to do some digging, literal and metaphor. Corpses seem to have been moved rather than moving on their own, and we think we have clues it was a prank, though it could be something weirder. Leaving now to meet my new partner again, because she thinks she picked up a “hitchhiker” at the site. Does not seem hostile, and may be trying to communicate.

New To This

  • Runaway387:
    “So…hi. I’m…not sure what to put. I’ve recieved ‘messages’ for a long time now (i’ve taken about 7 different perscriptions to surpress them), but, surprise, they aren’t hallucinations. Life is wonderful, isn’t it? I’m not sure if it’s a relief or a worry that there’s so many people ‘like me’, but i had hoped the…nightmares (?) were just my imagination. Really…really hoped. Well, I got in a fight with one of them, and apparently I met some fellow hunters, but they seemed various colors of crazy, and their friends tried to pull the same shit as the monsters. If you can’t tell by my name, i’m keeping my distance. I’m not a fighter, I’m not a hero, I’m a god-damned skinny post-boy, and I’ll just admit it: I’m fucking scared.
    I don’t know what to do about all of this. The monsters have my name, they’ve been tracking me (I’m pretty sure they set a trap), and they sent a suspect package to my work. My boss torched it for some reason, but it doesn’t solve anything. I can’t move away; I can’t fight; I can’t expect anyone to help, but I can tell you what I know and…hope, I guess. I hate hoping; it means your chances suck to begin with. Here’s what I know:
    Some Big Pharma named “Magadon Pharmaceuticals” has an operation based in LA. I don’t know what they were up to, but it involves the blood of some supernatural chick, and it was important enough to have me abducted and tracked down repeatedly to cover it up. The warehouse where they took me is north of Santa Paula in the woods. I hope that somehow some of this is useful to someone. For obvious reasons, I can’t give more than that right now. I’ll…keep my eyes open, but that’s all I can promise.
  • Bigmac199:
    Welcome to the shit, son. I can’t offer you no help, and even if I could, I got my own problems without sharing yours. But I can pass on some advice.
    Monsters don’t like to cause trouble in public, especially in broad daylight. Try to stay where people can see you.
    If all else fails, you can call the cops and emergency personnel to cover an escape, but if the monsters are the ones to make the call, then don’t get grabbed.
    Find a friend, someone like us, or someone who won’t ask you the hard questions, because it helps to have someone to bail you out if the cops get you, or to drag your ass to a doctor after a bad run-in.
    Have a place to run to, somewhere you can hide that even the monsters who know about you can’t find you.
    And if all else fails, don’t let them take you without a fight.
  • Hope123:
    When your first encounter is with something that wants to hurt you, it can be hard not to take an “Us versus Them” view, but please consider that some of the creatures out there may be suffering too. You can still help make a difference without looking for a fight. The gods bless each of us in different ways, but perhaps you can help a “monster” to remember the person they once were, or lay a troubled soul to rest. You can make the world better.
  • God45:
    Do not be afraid, Runaway. You may not be a fighter, but the Messengers chose you because you have something to offer to the war effort. Perhaps you are a healer, and can keep others alive. Perhaps you are a planner, and can make stratagems that others cannot. Or maybe you are a scout, and can find the monsters that hide in the deepest shadows. But even surrounded, do not surrender, give the Enemy no aid or succor.
    If you need help, mark your area with the Word, so that other Imbued can find you, and perhaps even help you destroy the monsters that threaten you. If you do this, be sure to leave warnings that you are being hounded.
  • Runaway387:
    I appreciate the advice. I’ve been trying to keep my head down, but that’s becoming less and less of an option. I’m not looking for a fight; an “Us vs. Them”, or anything.. But if I want to get out alive, it seems I have to go through Magadon… I don’t know what I’ll do after this, or if I’ll live long enough to have a normal life again, but I’ll see what I can do until I’m free.

Wish me luck… It seems to be all I have right now.

…Are We Human?

  • Runaway387:
    I’ve been around a lot of …paranormals(?) lately. I’m not sure what they prefer to be called. I’ve started calling the hostile ones Predators, but I’m not sure how to refer to neutrals/allies. As I’ve discovered more about my abilities and the differences between them and humans (aura/etc.), I’m beginning to wonder if we’re human? Are our ‘auras/shadows’ red? I know we, or at least I don’t have fangs or claws; I can’t change into a monster (I don’t think so anyways…i hope not?), but what I can do isn’t human…is it? The voice tells me to find the monsters and expose them/fight them, but what am I compared to a normal person? Normal humans don’t have visions and voices; they can’t turn invisible; they can’t read people like those. I’m just worrying, I guess. I hope I am…
  • Veritas 292
    When you talk about auras, do you mean using the Sight? I know that we don’t appear any different when using it to view eachother, not that it proves anything. But my friend, who is one of the “Others,” has some sort of aura sight himself, and says that I seem completely human to him.
    As for what to call them, I just try asking them what they prefer to be called. They tend to be really cryptic and secretive though, but who can blame them with murderous bigots trying to kill them just for being different!
  • Violin99
    That is a question that painfully few people ask, Runaway, and the fact that you considered it places you several rungs above the rabble. I am currently conducting some studies into this question myself, but early signs suggest we maintain a degree of humanity. It seems the Heralds are the source of our abilities, whereas many of the “Dark Ones,” as my teacher calls them, consider their capabilities part and parcel of their nature. We are, to put it simply, “channeling” higher powers.
  • Crusader17
    For once, Violin speaks unadorned truth, even as Veritas disgraces her title. We have been Chosen by agents of the Divine, and lent their powers in order to oppose the hell-forged might of the demons that walk this world. We are humans who have been asked to sacrifice, and when our time is done, we will return the power granted us to its rightful owners.
  • Runaway387
    @veritas. Yes, the Sight. I’ve noticed that Paranaturals (at least the ones I’ve met) can’t tell me apart from humans, and the imbued i’ve checked down’t show up, but that brings up questions of its own. Maybe we are paranaturals/others/dark ones who are hidden from each other? There’s no way for us to ‘spot’ other imbued unless they advertise themselves to us. As for the crypticism, I think they hide more from each other than us. In fact, the ones i have contact with don’t know what I am.
    @violin/crusader: I’m not sure if these are “divine”, worryingly. If they are throwing powers at people, or if we’re a sub-species who share these visions exclusively, how do we know they can be trusted? If they can alter our perception, can they disguise humans as monsters? And if we are paranatural, why are we set apart? I worry we’re being manipulated, or that the possibility is there, but I’ve been getting these too long to trust them at face value any more.
    Also, when you say we are ‘lent’ these powers and visions, where do you get that idea? has someone lost their memory of paranaturals after being imbued? have they lost their powers? do things go back to ‘normal’?

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