Weaponized Engineered Lifeform

Also known as W.E.L.s. This is an acronym used by the Church of Ethos to reference a particular form of aberrant that preys upon mankind. Its designation: Weaponized Engineered Life, and that is exactly what it is. Ethos has as yet been unable to discover who or what is developing these beings, but they deploy agents both to destroy them and to find the root of the problem. If there is one thing Ethos does know it is this, this is a global problem and whatever power is behind it must be as mighty as the W.E.L.s themselves.

((Reserved for the Hunters to list their thoughts on the W.E.L.s they’ve encountered.))

Redford: Okay, I know the Vampire thing is getting a little old, but is it at all possible this is something they can do? I’ve heard legends that there used to be some of them that would make horrible flesh-monsters…

Ren-ai: These things are tough. The smaller ones go down with enough focused firepower, but not without a hard fight, and I’m not sure how dead they are after that. I think Billy incinerated them afterwards. And Redford, please stop.

Weaponized Engineered Lifeform

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