Isaac Corman

A courier with antisocial tendencies and kleptomaniac by hobby


Hunter-Net Name: Runaway387
25 years old
lean/runner build


A courier for a shady on-foot delivery company called “Hermes Deliveries”.
Has ADHD, gambling addiction, kleptomania.
Diagnosis on hallucinations changes occasionally, delirium being the current theory.
Taking medication for Delirium and depression. ADHD medication has interfered with the first two, and thought to be the most benign symptom.
Suffers two sources of hallucinations: “The voice/messengers”, and a guilt complex from his inaction after his imbuing. He seems unable to differentiate between the two. His psych thinks the latter is depression using the former as an outlet, but has trouble finding a definitive cause of the hallucinations as a whole.

Isaac Corman

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