One of the Fey crew that works the Thames.


A fey with the features of a goldfish, Queenie when seen with mortal eyes appears as an extremely attractive woman in her early 20’s with flowing golden locks and golden tan. To those who can see past the mask she is even more of a beauty, if in a otherworldly sense, with truly golden skin that appears to be more scale than not. Her hair is replaced with flowing diaphanous veils that glow with the soft glow of a sunrise…truly a being of another world.


Queenie is a kind hearted sole that acts much more like a young child than anything else. The other crew sympathizes with her plight as she was a mere child when she was taken and it is not her fault her body returned an adult woman. She is a point of light aboard the dull rig and works tirelessly…ok maybe not that hard, to keep the crew in good spirits.


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