The Mushroom Men

The mutated wretches that serve and fear the Sewer King.


These people were once of human stock, though that is difficult to believe at first glance. Their bodies are stooped and misshapen. Fungal sprouts and tendrils burst forth from their dry, flaky flesh. They live in the sewers beneath Culver City, and only rarely do they come to the surface world, hiding their deformity beneath ragged coats taken from trash cans and dead vagrants.

It is these trips to the surface that drew the notice of the Hunters, for both blonde women and sanitation workers were going missing, and sometimes the missing would be found dead at a later date, washed out of the sewer tunnels. The Mushroom Men are not evil, only desperate. They sought a savior to free them from the Sewer King’s tyranny, not understanding that the mutant fungus in their home was a slow death for any from the surface world.

The Hunters came and tried to help them, deciphering the Sewer King’s prophecy about the Mushroom Men’s savior, and taught the Mushroom Men how to be that savior.

So the Hunters dressed one of the poor bastards up as Mario, wished him luck, and then got out of there as fast as they could. And for a while, it worked…

But when the deception failed, the Mushroom Men suffered the Sewer King’s wrath. They blamed the Hunters, but delayed their revenge when the Hunters returned with the prophecied hero, Jason Nesbit.

Thrilled to finally be reunited with his old owner, the Sewer King granted them their freedom, and the survivors of his reign began to leave, seeking out new tunnels to call home. Then, about three hours later, men with flamethrowers came down from the surface.

It is unknown if any Mushroom Men are still alive.

The Mushroom Men

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