Incident Report

The Tablet of the Risen – the museum theft that led to the Imbuing of Chad Dunwitch and Angel Filday, their collaboration with Mark Rushmore, and the first encounter with Bernie and “the Superheroes”.

Reign of the Sewer King – a case of missing persons that turned out to be much more. The first encounter with the Sewer King and the Mushroom Men, as well as the end of fellow Imbued “Cabbie”.

The Tablet’s Return – after a desperate call from Bernie leads the Hunters to the small town of Elsinore, they find themselves neck deep in undead. Featuring fellow Imbued “Catra”, the terrifying Reaper, and the first encounter with Schmitty.

Mysterious Men of the Sea – collaboration with two strange Hunters led to a horrifying boat ride, the appearance of a private army, and finally to a secret archaeological station out in the ocean. The debut of Aerik Ikoi, and three new non-Imbued Hunters, Billy Lee Black, Redford Blade, and Ren-ai Eikyu.

In the Sewer King’s Name – people started going missing in the sewers again, and this time, the Hunters knew that trickery could not stop the Sewer King’s wrath. Chad, Aerik, and Angel, having run into their new friend Billy a second time, set off to find the Sewer King’s owner, and put an end to the danger once and for all. From Bakersfield, to Los Angeles, to the depths of the earth, this adventure featured kidnapping, hallucinogenic drugs, mutagenic chemicals, betrayal, and the revelation of Billy’s secret orders.

Old Magadonald Had a Pharma – after Billy returned to HQ, and the Hunters returned home, word reaches both parties of a secret Magadon Pharmaceuticals facility. After determining it is likely connected to the mutagenic compound that turned a pet turtle into a monster, both groups go to investigate, discovering far more than they bargained for. This encounter marked the first appearance of the newly-Imbued Isaac, and Billy’s forced exile from Ethos.

Sayonara, City of Angels – the Hunters, along with Billy Black, grew concerned about potential reprisals from Magadon, and chose to take a trip to Japan with Ren-ai and Redford. While there, they found themselves stranded on an island full of moon-maddened ghosts, investigated a series of relatively mundane disappearances, and became tangled up with the Yakuza. And for Billy Lee Black, this would mark a temporary parting of ways.

The Binding of Isaac – following the raid at the Magadon facility, Isaac went his own way, trying to regain some semblance of a normal life. However, the Messengers, Magadon, and the mysterious Ophelia Salieri had other plans. Hounded by Magadon’s sinister security team, entangled in Ophelia’s troubles, and “visited” repeatedly by the Messengers, what will Isaac do?

Encroaching Nightmares – now back in L.A., the Hunters are contacted by old friend Mark Rushmore. He wants to add Isaac to the team so the group can take on bigger cases. They are even blessed with another rookie Hunter, the passionate Kendra “Jinx” Jillette. But before they can make their first move, Rushmore is beaten and left for dead! The Hunters prepare to avenge their friend, but Isaac believes there can be peace with Rushmore’s attackers. Meanwhile, a ghost struggles with his new existence, and a seemingly unstoppable force snuffs out children in their own beds. Will the Hunters be able to come together in this time of crisis, or will Rushmore be merely the first one laid low?

Incident Report

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